Ending Violence Against Children-EVAC

EVAC-TN (End violence against children- Tamil Nadu) is a movement conceptualized to engage individuals, educationists, scholars, activists, lawmakers, policymakers and the community at large to end violence against children in all forms in Tamil Nadu. Violence against children exist anywhere, despite of stringent legal protection in force. 

National Crime Record Bureau report 2016 reveals that in Chennai alone at least one child is sexually abused every 48 hours and incidents of rape of children in India has increased to 82%. Tamil Nadu reports highest number of child marriages. 

Violence against children hinders all aspect of child development across the life cycle and the chances for children to live free of poverty due to its long-term consequences affecting the well-being and behaviour including health, education, income earning potential, social interaction and more. The Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) make an explicit, bold and universal commitment to end violence against children(EVAC) in all forms.