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  • Child Friendly Schools
  • Adolescent Friendly schools
  • Young Citizen Club
  • Federation of Child Friendly Schools
  • End Violence Against Children
  • Youth Empowerment
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  • Holistic Development
  • Social Justice

Our work

Child Friendly Schools

Child Friendly Schools emphasize Child friendly practices in the entire learning environment that includes multidimensional coverage of quality and a holistic concern for the Child’s need.  As on the principle guidelines of UNICEF on Child Friendly Schools, the three key factors i.e. Child Centeredness, Democratic Participation and Inclusiveness are highly considered in ISE’s strategic framework in the promotion of Child friendly practices. 

Department of School Education, Tamil Nadu graciously extended its fullest support and cooperation in association with UNICEF for the ISE to execute its plan in all most all the government and welfare schools in Tamil Nadu. 

School Environment, Learning Environment, Community Participation,   Tapping Resources and Liaison & Networking are the five dimensions of CFS.

Adolescent Friendly Schools

“Adolescent Friendly Schools in Tamil Nadu” is envisaged with the concept to create broader understanding of the physical, emotional and psychological growth of the children during the transitional stage from childhood to adulthood, empower them to overcome the challenges faced by the adolescent in the society at large and to bring out series of recommendations to draft ‘Adolescent Friendly Policy’ at the state level then to the national level.  The idea of promoting Adolescent Friendly Schools emerged from the impact of the child friendly schools programme implemented  in the last few years in Tamil Nadu.   

The emergence of Adolescent Friendly Schools will certainly ease out number of visible and invisible problems among the teenagers by themselves or by the support of the right guidance and further help the policy makers to draft a bill on adolescent friendly schools.  


EVAC-TN (End Violence Against Children – Tamil Nadu), a movement initiated by the Institute of Social education is conceptualised to engage individuals, educationist, scholars, activist, law makers, policy makers and the community at large to end violence against children in any form in Tamil Nadu.   Emergence of EVAC-TN was nourished by the active participation in the UNICEF’s “ENDviolence campaign – 2013” and the active involvement of ISE team in propagating India’s “National Policy for Children 2013” through Child Friendly Schools in Tamil Nadu.  

Violence against children exists everywhere, despite of stringent legal protections are in force.  National Crime Records Bureau   report 2016 reveals that in Chennai alone at least  one child was sexually abused in every 48 hours and incidents of rape of children in India increased to 82 percent.  Tamil Nadu (third) reports highest number of Child marriages.  Violence against children hampers all other aspects of child development across the lifecycle and fundamentally hinders chances for children to live free of poverty due to its long-term consequences on well-being and behaviour including health, education, income earning potential, social interaction, and more. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) make an explicit, bold and universal commitment to end violence against children (EVAC), in all its forms.

The Institute of Social Education presumed that teachers are spending comparatively more time with children then parents and relatives. To some extent Teachers can explore in and out of children more than parents. Children too find it secure when they are with teachers.  It is in this context, ISE worked out a strategy to involve teachers as the principle stakeholder to protect children from all forms of discrimination and violence.

ISE make use of Child Friendly Schools as entry point for EVAC-TN and coordinate all its related activities centered around CFS and also link a bondage between Teachers, Children and Parents.


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